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Lumpin by DNA-1 Lumpin by DNA-1
Another concept illustration from that scrapped MOBA project. Lumpin was to be the muscle--plain and simple, a hulking gladiator who even magic shackles couldn't restrain, with a scaly, rocky hide.

Fun fact: turns out that it's pretty hard to come up with a unique looking troll. So many have tried their hands at the trolls archetype, literally every color's been done. Our innovation here was the rocking "shell" fading into scales, and maybe the prison runes.

Texture resources from CGtextures: [link]

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khamya9 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
Trolls have been done a lot of different ways even back into myth. Even just looking at the norse they might be small woodland fey or big rock monsters. And then there's one line in the Elder Edda that translates "The troll said, 'we giants'" where a Jotun (frost giant in this case) talking to Thor is called a troll. So ya, it's pretty hard to find something that no one has done.

That sword is sticking pretty deep into Lumpin's shoulder. Whoever pulled off that attack was a pretty dangerous guy. Since he seems to have lost any smart warrior that sees Lumpin is going to be thinking, "hmm can I stab harder than that, and can I move fast enough to get access to a more vital area, because if I can't, that right there is the proof that I can't win this fight".

Love those seals. And how the shading makes the craggy look of his skin look like the crevases are so deep.
DNA-1 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I love all the weapons sticking out of him. Makes him seem nigh unkillable.
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